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Gray-Nicolls Powerspot Cricket Bat

After the tremendous success of the new Scoop XVII last year, Gray-Nicolls welcomes back another legendary bat to the range for 2019. By popular demand, the Powerspot returns.
The bat, made famous by the likes of David Gower, Michael Atherton and a square-cutting Robin Smith, features the iconic blue Powerspot, designed to give the ultimate impact when the ball is struck in * the middle of the bat.
The former England captain, Michael Atherton, used a Powerspot for most of his Gray-Nicolls career. “I can’t really remember using anything other than a Powerspot” said Atherton.“Maybe right at the end of my career, but it was Powerspot from the word go"
And his inspiration for choosing to use the Powerspot? David Gower.“I chose Gray-Nicolls because Gower used them . Although he played a bit before me, we overlapped a little and he used the Powerspot, so that’s why I chose to use it too.”
Atherton played perhaps the most iconic England innings of the 1990s with the Powerspot. We will never forget his battle with legendary South African fast bowler Allan Donald at Johannesburg in
The bat promises a fantastic pick-up, with rounded edges and even weight distribution.Hit the ball out of the Powerspot and you can be sure to leave bowlers feeling the heat and fielders chasing dust.
Another Gray-Nicolls icon returns to the world stage.
With such a storied past, the new Powerspot is sure to be a hit with generations old and new.
Time to make some new history.