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SURFC Photon Warm Up Top

Warming up for training or match day takes mental preparation and physical groundwork. Muscles need to be activated properly so players can go that extra mile and defeat their opposition without fear of injuring muscles. An essential piece for all club and school teams, the Photon Warm Up Top is light weight and water repellent making it ideal for training or warming up before a big game. The elasticated cuffs and easy stretch collar make taking the Photon Warm Up Top on and off during a fast pace training session easy and the simple design means players can go about training without anything getting in their way. The Photon Warm Up Top comes in sizes ranging from XS - 3XL. If you are looking for the perfect warm up top to prepare you to smash the season ahead, get the Photo Warm Up Top now. Composition: 100% Polyester, water resistant

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